Tuesday, November 18, 2008

cvs $5 challenger 11/16

I am starting this week out with $4 ECB's

My pictures are taken by individual transactions. (sorry pics are in wrong order for transactions)

1st Transaction:

I bought 2 Glade Candles and 6 Glade Glass Scents

I used 3/ B1G1 free Glade glass scents coupons

1/$1.50 off 2 glade candles


$4 ECB's

Total Before Coupons & weekly savings:$26.32

Total oop after coupons & weekly savings: $4.29(includes tax)

Earned $10 ECB's

2nd Transaction:

I bought:

2 Hershey Bars, 2 Boxes of kleenex, 1 Deodorant & 2 Crest Toothpaste

I used- 2/$1 coupons for crest

1/.50 coupon on deodorant

$10 ECB's

total Before coupons & weekly savings: $17.73

Total oop after coupons & weekly savings: .11 cent

Earned $8.98 ECB's

Grand Total before savings: $44.05

Grand Total OOP: $4.39

ECB's to use next time: $8.98
don't forget to check out kingdomfirstmom.com for more CVS deal ideas

Monday, October 27, 2008

CVS $5 challenge 10/26-11/01

I am sharing my deals for this week. However, I was a little mad at myself because I screwed up one of my transactions costing myself a little, because I was in a hurry...but I will explain further down on the blog. I am starting out with $7.99 ECB's

1st transaction:

1- Bic Comfort3 Advance razors- $5.89

(actually at the store was a bonus pack with 2 extra razors)

1- colgate Toothpaste- $2.99

Total before coupons-$8.88

-.75 cents off colgate

-7.99 ECB's

Total oop-.15 cents(includes tax)

ECB's earned: $4-from razors, $2 from colgate

2nd Transaction:

2 -Fun size bags of Candy

4- Soy Joy Bars

total Before coupons-$7.00

-$1/off 2 Bags fun size candy

-$4 ECB's used from first transaction

now this is where I messed up because I meant to print off the coupon $3/5 for the soy joy Bars and would have paid oop -Zero & gotten an extra soyJoy bar, however I was in a hurry and forgot to print it off and had already rung everything up when I realized. I was so frustrated with myself that I forgot I could have used my $2 ECB's earned from 1st transaction. Oh Well!SO...

Total oop- $2.00
Total ECB's earned: $4- SoyJoy Bars


Grand Total Value: $15.88

Grand Total oop: $2.15

Grand Total ECB's left- $6 for next time

I was excited bc the cashier offered me next weeks sale paper and next month's sale paper so I can go ahead and start planning!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Cvs $5 challenge 10/19-10/25

This is only my second week to try shopping at CVS with coupons. However, I was excited at the deals I got this week, especially considering I am still trying to figure out all the little secrets using coupons. So here it goes starting out this week with only $2 in ECB's that I had earned last week:

Transaction # 1

1- box of Just for men Hair Color- $7.99

2-6" Fun lights- 99cents each

Coupons used-

1 coupon for free box of Just for men hair color
( I had received this in the mail and almost gave it away bc I didn't need it. Thank goodness I didn't...LOL! Bc they paid me to take this box)
$2 ECB's from last week

Total paid oop- .56 cents(only paid tax)

earned a total of $9.97 ECB's

Transaction #2

2- Pumpkin Pails- -99 cent each

4 - boxes of Excedrin- 1.99 each
(only 3 in picture bc I gave 1 away)

coupons used-

1.98 ECB's from first transaction

4/$2 coupons from 10/19 paper

Total paid oop- .56 cents(tax)

earned $1.98 ECB's

ECB's earned $9.97 to start next week

Friday, October 17, 2008

Fair Day

We are supposed to be going to the fair today after kids get home from school. It is military day and we are able to get in free. However, it is supposed to be raining most of the rest of the day. SO I am not quite sure what will end up happening. I know the kids will be greatly dissapointed if we can't go. Yet, there is a part of me that would be relieved to not have to spend the money. I am trying my hardest to be very wise with our finances. I guess we will know for sure over the next hour whether we will go or not. I am trying to come up with a plan B just in case so that there won't be total dissapointment from the kids.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Top 10 ways I am frugal

These are the top 10 ways I am frugal:
1) Pray & Thank God for my great deals
2) Shop with coupons
3) mostly buy only clearance items
4) Yard Sale to find great deals(my favorite)
5)fix most of our dinners
6) make my husband's lunches
7)sell stuff on ebay that I buy at yard sales
8) sell our recycled clothes at consignment sales
9)find free and cheap things to do as a family
10)buy items on clearance and put up for gifts

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

my frugality for the day!!!! :)

I am trying my best to use my coupons and get great deals...So I was so excited I had to share my finds for the day! I first stopped at Bilo buying $23.?? worth of groceries by the time I used my coupons it rang up for $5.49. My best deal there was some lunch meat that was originally 2/$5 marked down to 2/$1 and the best part...someone left a $1 coupon sitting there so I got both packs free...woo hoo! And, of course I took a moment to thank my heavenly Father for the great find...bc I know it was from him( I can only imagine his smile as he saw me pick up the coupon). My next stop was CVS I bought colgate toothpaste originally $3.49 , used a $1.00 coupon off and paid $2.7? for the toothpaste, getting back $2 of ECB's. Then I went to Fred's ( which by the way was so excited with my finds I forgot to get what I originally went in for....LOL) I bought 3 boxes of kotex pads originally $1 and had 3 -75 cent coupons so I got them for 25 cent each box. Then I had a coupon for arm and hammer spray($2.49) free when I buy the liquid($1.99) so I spent a total of $3.26 after coupons. Needless to say I was grinning ear to ear after my purchases and can't wait to find the next great deals. Thank you Lord for bringing me great deals for the day!!!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Trying to be frugal

I am forever trying to find good deals. I usually don't buy stuff unless it's on sale...minus grocery shopping. some of my latest bargains were some suitcases at Kohls that I found for 90% off...who can pass that up? We are talking about suitcases that were originally $219.oo I got for $21.99...woohoo!!!! you can only imagine my feeling of having found a great bargain. I have used coupons for grocery shopping from time to time but are trying to do so even more now. It makes me feel like the Proverbs 31 wife who provides for her family. So my first attempt at really planning out grocery shopping with coupons went okay I thought...however I plan to only get better :) So...my bill rang up for $68.51 before my savings, however after sales on these items and my hand full of coupons I ended up paying $37.05....cutting my bill by almost half. Thanks to the internet I have done much research on couponing and trying to figure out how people can buy so much for so little...next week will be better! I am even working on the CVS deals with using the extra buck rewards when you buy items. However, out of all my attempts to save money for my family...Yard selling still leads me to the best deals...thus far!!!!