Monday, October 27, 2008

CVS $5 challenge 10/26-11/01

I am sharing my deals for this week. However, I was a little mad at myself because I screwed up one of my transactions costing myself a little, because I was in a hurry...but I will explain further down on the blog. I am starting out with $7.99 ECB's

1st transaction:

1- Bic Comfort3 Advance razors- $5.89

(actually at the store was a bonus pack with 2 extra razors)

1- colgate Toothpaste- $2.99

Total before coupons-$8.88

-.75 cents off colgate

-7.99 ECB's

Total oop-.15 cents(includes tax)

ECB's earned: $4-from razors, $2 from colgate

2nd Transaction:

2 -Fun size bags of Candy

4- Soy Joy Bars

total Before coupons-$7.00

-$1/off 2 Bags fun size candy

-$4 ECB's used from first transaction

now this is where I messed up because I meant to print off the coupon $3/5 for the soy joy Bars and would have paid oop -Zero & gotten an extra soyJoy bar, however I was in a hurry and forgot to print it off and had already rung everything up when I realized. I was so frustrated with myself that I forgot I could have used my $2 ECB's earned from 1st transaction. Oh Well!SO...

Total oop- $2.00
Total ECB's earned: $4- SoyJoy Bars


Grand Total Value: $15.88

Grand Total oop: $2.15

Grand Total ECB's left- $6 for next time

I was excited bc the cashier offered me next weeks sale paper and next month's sale paper so I can go ahead and start planning!

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