Wednesday, October 15, 2008

my frugality for the day!!!! :)

I am trying my best to use my coupons and get great deals...So I was so excited I had to share my finds for the day! I first stopped at Bilo buying $23.?? worth of groceries by the time I used my coupons it rang up for $5.49. My best deal there was some lunch meat that was originally 2/$5 marked down to 2/$1 and the best part...someone left a $1 coupon sitting there so I got both packs free...woo hoo! And, of course I took a moment to thank my heavenly Father for the great find...bc I know it was from him( I can only imagine his smile as he saw me pick up the coupon). My next stop was CVS I bought colgate toothpaste originally $3.49 , used a $1.00 coupon off and paid $2.7? for the toothpaste, getting back $2 of ECB's. Then I went to Fred's ( which by the way was so excited with my finds I forgot to get what I originally went in for....LOL) I bought 3 boxes of kotex pads originally $1 and had 3 -75 cent coupons so I got them for 25 cent each box. Then I had a coupon for arm and hammer spray($2.49) free when I buy the liquid($1.99) so I spent a total of $3.26 after coupons. Needless to say I was grinning ear to ear after my purchases and can't wait to find the next great deals. Thank you Lord for bringing me great deals for the day!!!!!

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