Thursday, October 9, 2008

Trying to be frugal

I am forever trying to find good deals. I usually don't buy stuff unless it's on sale...minus grocery shopping. some of my latest bargains were some suitcases at Kohls that I found for 90% off...who can pass that up? We are talking about suitcases that were originally $219.oo I got for $21.99...woohoo!!!! you can only imagine my feeling of having found a great bargain. I have used coupons for grocery shopping from time to time but are trying to do so even more now. It makes me feel like the Proverbs 31 wife who provides for her family. So my first attempt at really planning out grocery shopping with coupons went okay I thought...however I plan to only get better :) bill rang up for $68.51 before my savings, however after sales on these items and my hand full of coupons I ended up paying $37.05....cutting my bill by almost half. Thanks to the internet I have done much research on couponing and trying to figure out how people can buy so much for so week will be better! I am even working on the CVS deals with using the extra buck rewards when you buy items. However, out of all my attempts to save money for my family...Yard selling still leads me to the best deals...thus far!!!!

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